About Us

We are a small boutique graphic design firm located in Toronto that has been successfully providing creative design solutions for both corporate clients and individuals since 2002. We provide a variety of digital and print design services from the smallest logo to a large database driven website. We work closely with you, as our client, to give you a complete, professional and affordable experience, and we do it all with creative flare, technical expertise, and target it to your unique audience. We identify your needs and goals and keep you informed of new trends and innovative solutions – for both print and web. Our experienced professionals are always here to help you.

A good Graphic Designer is a fair mix of artist, researcher, problem solver and visionary. They take the time to understand a company; who they are, where they are and where they want to be. With all that information collected, they then create visuals that speak volumes in one quick glance.


The Sevens Creative Process

What we do
  1. Define & Communication

    Although we maintain open communication throughout the whole process, we start with an initial consultation. This can be setup in person, by phone or online. We identify your needs, wants, target market, message, goals, time, technical requirements and budget. This is the most important stage, as it sets the scene for the entire project, and lays the ground work to measure success. Once complete, we deliver it to you in a custom proposal, so that you can review what has been discussed, as well, as confirm our plan, quote and approve our contract before we get started.

  2. Research & Concept

    Once we’ve agreed on the plan of attack, time and budget, then we get to the fun stuff. We create a brief based on our proposal, research your competitors, your target market and then brainstorm some ideas. Pulling from inspiration and information sources, we develop a draft or preliminary designs that you, as our client, can choose from. Depending on the type project, we may include sketches that plan content placement and/or site structure. This is followed by a second meeting where we assess the visual designs against the brief, accept or revise drafts, and make further recommendations before we continue.

  3. Build, Integrate, & Launch

    This is the stage where we combine the research, design and technical requirements, and integrate them into a working file. This is where you actually see your work take shape in a workable form. There is a meeting at this stage, but it is recommended that you take some time to review and test beforehand.
    If it’s a print job, we send it off for final production – If it’s a website we launch, and take the necessary steps to a ensure full completion. We discuss any post work concerns and questions, plan for maintenance or any post work tasks, and present you with a final completed work of art on disk or via email:)

How we can Help

Our Goal at Sevens Creative Inc. is not just to provide great design services, but to take the whole process one step further. We are affiliated with an extensive list of highly skilled and competitively priced professionals (i.e. hosting companies, printers, promotional products, marketing and advertising firms, etc.) that will take your design, full circle, to completion. For new businesses, we offer a company identity kit, which focuses on creating your company’s branding standards, establishing goals for your marketing and advertising needs, and provides you with the basic products for your business (logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes). For established businesses, we offer a “no holds bar” approach to your design and marketing needs. We will work with you to focus and co-ordinate the development and implementation of your vision. Choose from our list of services and give us as much, or as little responsibility as you feel comfortable with.


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