October 24, 2012

Are USB Web Keys right for your marketing campaign?

I’ve been asked to do some research on Web Keys and how they can be useful in marketing so I thought I’d share.

USB Web Key for Marketing

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Web keys are a great inexpensive tool for your your marketing. Although they may look like it, they are not USB drives. They cannot store information, but when inserted into a computer, will automatically open the default browser and load a webpage that is programmed into the device. They can look like a standard USB drive or can be be shaped into anything using aluminum, plastic and even paper.
When used properly in your company’s marketing, they can be given to peak curiosity and initiate your audience to visit your site, sign up for more information on your products or services or even initiate a sale. These little devices can also be tracked, adding an added level of control and information that can be a great option for collaborating your print and web campaigns. Paper web keys can be incorporated in brochures, special offers or direct mail pieces seamlessly, and have been shown to increase response rates by as much as 20%.

There are almost an unlimited ways a Web Key can be shaped and branded, they can be personalized to the specific recipient and can incorporate a variety of different uses for almost any industry like coupons, special promotions, a call to action, free trials, or to access personal secure information.

My final verdict: They appear to be a great option for my client who is trying to initiate more users to visit her site. They also, in my opinion, offer a great cost effective, environmental option. More data; less paper and print use; trackable results. Enough said.

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