May 12, 2016

WordPress Training: Event Pre-Registeration

Hello Everyone, It’s official! I’ve been working in this industry for well over a decade, and have developed (from scratch) well over a hundred WordPress sites. My experience with working with clients over the years, has uncovered one very big truth: It is hard for individuals and new businesses to find the capital to invest […]

Marketing, Web Design
September 16, 2015

New Sevens Creative WordPress Site

Welcome to my new WordPress site. I’m still making some final refinements but your feedback is appreciated. Stay tuned for the lowdown on why I made the switch from Joomla to WordPress for my site, as well as a years worth of updated portfolio posts and helpful tips I’ve compiled. Thank you for your continued […]

November 3, 2014

Junior to Intermediate Web/Graphic Designer

RE: Employment Opportunity: Junior to Intermediate Web/Graphic Designer We are a small web/graphic design firm located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Our mission is to provide professional, affordable and effective designs for small to medium sized businesses. We have a long list of services and are looking for a web/graphic designer with the fundamental knowledge to […]