Okay, I’m sharing a secret with you. All design, in fact, almost all art is a remix of older ideas. Put two old things together, and get a completely new idea. It’s not an insult or a put down, it’s just a fact that the easiest way to create something beautiful, unique and interesting is to pull from something that is already out there.

That’s why I love inspiration websites. They help me come up with interesting ideas for everything. I’ve been know to find fashion I like and create invitations or other design elements that work off that style.

So, as a Friday gift to all my followers is one of my favorite sources for business card inspiration. These are all great ideas, that can easily be adapted to your branding to create fun and unique business cards that your clients are sure to keep. I’ve also included some of my favorites in a slideshow, but please visit the site for detailed information and hundreds of images.

Cardonizer: The best business card designs

Have a great weekend!