I just got our company business cards today, and, YAY, I love them.

As a designer, it is so much harder to please yourself than your clients. We have a particular standard to maintain in terms of expressing our creativity that can often results in taking weeks (or, lets be honest here – months) to design something for ourselves. So, my motto has been, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because that’s part of the creative process.” That’s sort of the approach I took with these cards. I’d seen the look somewhere else, and just took a risk and had them made. They look great and project the high quality simplicity that I was after and without the high quality price.

Are you interested in Premium quality cards at a fraction of the price? Well, you can take advantage of this special offer from Sevens Creative.

250 Full-colour, 2 sided business cards with a spot varnish on 1 side for $65.

And now, for a limited time, setup is on us. So if you have a card designed by another designer, send us your PDF file, let us know where you want the spot varnish, and we’ll set it up for you at no extra charge. If you want a custom design, for a limited time, get 2 hours of design time for your business cards at half price. That’s 2 hours of design time for $50.

Contact Sevens Creative. at 416-735-4167 or email us at sevenscreative@gmail.com. For more information on our products and services visit sevenscreative.com.