As we all know as designers, whether it be graphic or web (in my business you could say I take on both roles), it can often times be difficult to explain what is needed to get started, what is expected and why designers have so much variation in terms of what they charge and how they perform their work. This can sometimes lead to an impasse between the client and the designer; where the client is frustrated with the design and communication of their wants and the designer can get frustrated with the client not understanding the time and money required in undertaking a custom service with a very opinionated client. The client can even sometimes distrust the expertise of their designer which leads to a countless stream of redesigns and revisions.

I sympathize with my clients when they have trouble conveying their ideas, and on the most part, will go the extra mile to make them happy. This can however, interfere with the quality of the work and the message being communicated in the piece. When this happens in my small business, I often refer to several articles and media that, not only put what I do back into perspective, but also add some humour to what can be a very stressful process.

I always start with humour as it makes people the most receptive.

So, here are some links that might ease the pain from some Client-Designer Relations

For the Client

For Designers