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A Stepping Stone to Success

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Uncategorized

I failed to launch a previous company! The kicker was that I didn’t fail alone, but with a group of wealthy and successful doctors. Regardless, it was a bust! It didn’t even get off the ground, and alot of money was spent.

The Covid Pandemic

I was approached to join this group of physicians in 2018. The project was spearheaded by a doctor with an already successful line of supplements. It should have become a very successful company. The failure to launch was multi-factoral, the greatest of which was the Covid pandemic and the changing healthcare landscape in 2020; then add the risks that the cannabis industry inherently possessed, as well as the banking and regulatory hurdles. The project was postponed, then shelved indefinitely in August, 2020. I spent a year working on that project; so I was brokenhearted.

I brought my intellectual property to the project. The products we were working on were exactly the same products that I was developing in my own company called Giving Earth Nutraceuticals, just different branding. I set GEN aside to join the doctors because I believed that with the right team, we could reach and help more people find wellness.

Cannabis in Ohio

In 2017, I became the first cannabis nurse in the state of Ohio. CBD was my specialty. I began speaking at conferences and educating physicians, who were curious but slower to come on board with CBD than the nurses, as the medical board had positions and doctors were bound to follow protocol. Some doctors saw the possibility, and recognized the therapeutic potential. One of those doctors approached me, and sold me on the idea of working with him and develop a broader reach.

Earning a BSN at Ohio University

I was excited! I was passionate and committed to the success of the project, but the universe had other plans for me, and for everyone across the globe. When the project was abandoned during lockdown, I decided to focus on academic pursuits. I began my BSN coursework at Ohio University. My son and I will both be graduating this school year. I look forward to celebrating not only my own academic success but the success of my son, who is earning his masters in communication at Bowling Green State.

Life Lessons

What I learned from my previous failure is that sometimes the timing isn’t right, sometimes the team isn’t right, and sometimes the idea requires a pivot; which is how Animal Kingdom came into existence. I sat with the disappointment of the previous failure for a year and mourned. I emerged from the pandemic more determined to succeed and to share my knowledge, and to help people and their pets. The universe is calling me back to cannabis, and I am honoring that call with the launch of Animal Kingdom Nutraceuticals. Regardless of what happens, the launch itself is a success and a joy.

We invite you to try our products. They are produced, and delivered with effort, love, passion, determination, and a commitment to the health and well-being of your beloved pets.

Wishing you good health, success, and abundance.

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