Graphic Design and other Services

We offer a wide range of a-la-carte services to further enhance your projects. Our additional services include Graphic Design, Photography, Advanced Photo Editing, Invitations, Signage, Videography, Presentations and Promotional Products. Sevens Creative Inc. designs and develops dynamic, cost effective, and easy to use solutions for both individuals and small to medium sized businesses.Painting on canvas by Sevens Creative Inc.

Our Featured Creative Services

Graphic Design
For professional and affordable graphic services. We offer the expertise and creative flair to get your projects successfully completed. Services include custom graphics, Logo Design and Branding, Advanced Photography and Photographic Solutions.

From Food Photography, headshots and real estate, we capture professional, affordable photos and photo edit them to get the perfect visuals for you.

Advertising and Marketing
We offer services for print, web and publication advertising. Our services begin with a consultation to assess needs and define your target audience; create a plan to effectively market to your client within the time frame and budget discussed. We also offer Social Media Setup and planning/support services.

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Other Services Include:

Signage and Wayfinding
Available Services include car wrapping, billboards, lawn signage, Digital Display Signage, etc.

We offer digital video services, including production and editing for websites, interactive kiosks, digital display, DVD/CD distribution.

Invitation Design
Invitation Design Offering not only custom invitation design services, but do-it-yourself options through our Envelopments partnership. We have developed a sister site to uniquely address the needs of Special event and Wedding invitations. Visit our invitation site at

We design Powerpoint, website or interactive video presentations that produce stunning visual aids to deliver to your clients and/or associates.

Promotional Products
We have an ever growing roster of high quality, affordable and unique products. We fulfill all technical requirements and deliver products that clients will love and keep to remember your brand. Common products include calendars, pens, clothing, first aid kits, Web keys and water bottles.

Art and Illustration
For individuals looking to add flare to their office, home or retail/commercial space we offer a range of artistic options including paintings on canvas, drawings and illustrations, murals, and digital graphic arts.


Our standard bill rate is $60/hour. We only charge for the hours we work, and our consultation and training services can help distribute the workload with you, your staff or a contracted professional.