November 12, 2012

Portfolio Monday: Custom Builder Website

I just completed an update of a website for a builder/client of mine. I’ve been working for this client for years, and am glad to have maintained this kind of working relationship for so long. It’s great to have the experience of watching a client grow and change their company’s branding and advertising methods with the times.

This client’s target audience is generally older adults and seniors, and when we started working with them, any kind of web presence or advertising was out of the question. This kind of technology hadn’t reached that demographic yet. Well, times have changed as I’m sure will continue to do so. We kept it simple and easy to navigate and add to, making this a new hub of information for anything that has to do with Signature Carleton.

Signature Carleton Website - Full Size

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you through the years, as for the rest of you, constructive comments are appreciated. Enjoy!

Go to,, to view the live site.

P.S. We are currently updating the Sevens Creative Website, so things may look a little off from time to time, but be patient. Thx.

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