October 30, 2013

Web Design Trends 2013

Today I’m posting a visual list of 2013’s top web design trends.

It always surprises me how web design trends seem to spread like wildfire, especially how they spread to the non-designer. From responsive designs to large image backgrounds, not only have I seen many of these trends countless times over the web, I’ve also had many clients request specifically that these trends be used on their new websites.

The theme of 2013 is definitly ease of use and simplicity in design ,while, once again, an emphasis on content.

2013 Web Design Trends

Other design trends that this list may have missed:

Realistic Icons and objects are out – Flat is in.
No more gradients, shadows and reflections that add depth to your website. Flat icons in punches of bright colours are the new thing.

Big Images, Big Text and lots of whitespace.
Lets be real for a second. Too much information on the homepage of a website can be overwhelming and look busy. The new trend is using images, and short bits of text to convey your website’s message. Less is more.

Social Media as a client communication tool.
When social media first came out it was fun and super personal. As facebook entered the advertising industry, companies scrambled to find viable uses to advertise their products and services through this and various other forms of social media. Now the tables are starting to swing back around. Finding new clients over most social media sites is a difficult game, however, maintaining client communications and keeping an open dialogue – listening to your customers – Is becoming ever important and a tool to gain referral clients. Many large corporations are speaking back to their customers, answering their questions, addressing their concerns and collecting feedback. Great, this puts the consumer back in the driver seat. The trend in reality is simply put – social accountability.

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