October 25, 2012

Wedding Invites: Sample Pricing and Useful Tips

Sometimes it can be hard to order invitations. What do I need?, What do I say?, How much?, and How long does it take?

So, I’ve decided to include a sample price of one of my favorite cards from Envelopments, as well as some information that might help you understand what’s involved, as well as some tips on how you can save on orders.

This is the “Elysa and Sean” Card. The reason I like it is because it’s simple, compact, affordable and easy to customizable.

Here is the pricing from an online order from
Please remember shipping and taxes are not included in this price (Shipping approximately +$40).

Screenshot of Envelopments pricingThis does not include printing or assembly. Printing is where pricing can vary a lot. First, you need the design. If you like this design, a designer can recreate it for $50 and will charge about $1 per impression for printing which can run you approximately $300 to $450 extra.

By calling Sevens Creative Inc. directly, your print order is approx. $315 (shipping included. We can do this because we order larger sheets then cut them down. Why do this? Because, not only is it cheaper for your order, but saves money on your printing. Your pricing directly from us will include.

  1. Invitations (everything included in the pricing above): $312 +30 shipping
    (shipping can be eliminated if you pick up within the GTA)
  2. Design (as per envel0pments design, but can vary printing colours): $25
    Custom designing available at an additional cost.
  3. Printing (Invite, RSVP, MAP, Accommodation Cards): $100
  4. 100 Envelope labels (return address): $25
  5. Assembly (per 100): $80
  • Total: $572 +taxes

Tips to Consider

  • Metallic, printed, or fancy envelope paper costs extra and is not necessary. Consider a plain white envelope.
  • Order large printer friendly sheets (8.5 x 11) and cut them down when printing at home. The reason you do this is not only to save money since you can probably fit both your invite and rsvp on the same page then cut it down (use a guillotine which you can buy at Staples for $20 or borrow one in most print shops), but also because it gives you greater control when printing. Pages are less likely to go in your printer crooked and shift during printing. Printing smaller sheets is harder for home printers to do properly.
  • Work with the printer you have at home and consider the type of paper. Most metallic sheets and thicker duplex sheets cannot be fed in a home printer. If you have an inkjet, make sure to buy matte sheets. If you go metallic, use laser.
  • Make sure your design leaves room around the edges. At least a quarter of an inch around the edges is best for home printers which can’t and shouldn’t print to the edge of the paper. Cutting your invites from larger sheets eliminates this problem.
  • Order approximately 20% more when printing at home. You may make mistakes in printing or cutting or assembly and you don’t want to re-order and pay shipping twice. Plus, you will want to keep some as memories. Do this especially for envelopes since they get the most mistakes on average.
  • Instead of several card stocks over each other to create a thicker look use thick glue dots. You can buy these at the dollar store.
  • Don’t forget the extras. Glue dots are added to your budget. It is not a good idea to go too cheap. You don’t want your cards falling apart when people get them. Other extras include ribbons and gems and labels. If your ordering, do this after you’ve order your cards, so you can co-ordinate the colours and sizes properly
  • Flat cards are always cheapest. Although pocket folds are nice, if you have a budget these can break it. Consider a flat card, we can print both an elegant background on your card and the information in one shot with our printer.
  • Get a consultation. Sevens Creative offers 1 hour consultations from $75 to your home if you live in the GTA, where you can see all the paper and product samples, and make an informed decision the first time. We also occasionally offer free consultations (about twice a month). Meet me at a Starbucks and view all the paper samples, some of our favorite product samples, we’ll help you work with that budget or learn how to order online.

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