It’s that time of year again, and although it’s relatively a give-in to consider what family and friends will receive holiday cards from you, no chance you may be forgetting or opting out of sending cards to your clients.

Sending holiday cards to your customers and clients is a subtle way to promote your business as well expresses your gratitude for their past business. When they receive your card, they will instantly be reminded of your business and how important they are to you. Be sure to choose an attractive card that expresses your business, leaving your customers feeling positive about your company, building their confidence in your service.

Sending cards builds a relationship with your clientele. They feel like you are making an attempt to build a rapport with them on a more personal level. The key to a successful business is to develop and build on your customer relationships. They will be more inclined to remain loyal to your business.

5 Tips for Sending Business Holiday Greeting Cards

Here are some of my favorites.

These cards are my favorites found online. They can be re-created for your business.