WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system. The large majority of websites nowadays use WordPress; in fact of the millions of websites out right now, approximately 19% of them are using this system.” Why?”, you may ask.
Here are the top ten reasons.

  1. WordPress is free and open sourced
    If you have the time or knowledge to use this system, you can easily set the whole think up for free. You can even host your site with WordPress.com and if you don’t mind the added extensions (think sevenscreative.wordpress.com) or advertising, your domain name is also included.
  2. A network of followers can add an instant audience for your site
    This is true especially if your site is hosted at wordpress.com. Your posts get fed into an aggregated reader and are viewable by other wordpress members.
  3. It’s Easy to Keep WordPress Secure
    With easy setup of plugins like Akismet and one-click updates and back-ups, newbies can fairly easily maintain their own websites and keep them free from spammers.
  4. Google Loves WordPress
    Wordpress is super easy to search engine optimize, and with a large collection of Google plugins and online support, getting a spike in Google search results is inevitable.
  5. WordPress Sites are Accessible
    Because wordpress sites load using HTML and CSS, they can be viewed on almost any device, and with a large selection of responsive templates, they can also be optimized to look great at any screen size.
  6. Your Site Can Grow With You
    If a WordPress site is set up properly, you can easily update every template, plugin or even the whole WordPress CMS yourself; add additional functionality like e-commerce, social community, events, etc.; and continue adding pages and posts until you have a huge site. Think about it – New York Times, UPS, Best Buy, and many other corporations rely on WordPress technology for their online presence.

I’ve included a great step-by-step guide for newbies to WordPress. Use it to set up your whole site yourself, or as a starting off point to understand what is required by your designer/developer.

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